8 Reasons You Should Go To Cause Marketing Forum Next Month

The 8th Cause Marketing Forum Conference is coming to the Westin Chicago River North on June 2 & 3. Folks, I barely leave Boston for anything (Hell, why would I! I even wrote a post about getting a conference experience from the seat of your couch). But each year I make a point to dig out my travel bag for the Cause Marketing Forum Conference.

Here are 8 reasons why I'm going (and why you should to).

  1. I have a blast every year! CMF10 will have a great blend of education and networking. I always leave informed, energized and better connected.
  2. Attending reminds me that I belong to a community. Do you know a lot of cause marketers? I know I don't. Here in Boston there are just a few that share the title I have. I've met some people on Twitter. But at CMF10 there will be a whole room of people who do just what I do. Finally, some people to talk shop with!
  3. CMF10 will have some great pre & post event workshops. I'm teaching a new one, the Hospital Corporate Development Summit. But there are other proven workshops you should definitely check out.
  4. Social media will take center stage at CMF10. Cause marketing's  official windmill tilter Chris Noble will moderate Cause Marketing Meets Social Media with guests from Nike, Pepsico & Target. 
  5. CMF's Halo Awards are interesting and inspiring. This year CMF will honor two of my favorites, Macy's and Feeding America. I especially look forward to hearing from Feeding America as they have seen a dramatic rise in cause marketing partnerships. A must-see for cause marketers!
  6. You can still book a flight at a good price! I just did a quick check on Expedia. New York to Chicago is $250 roundtrip and from Los Angeles it's just $375.
  7. Powerful discussions. I love this new idea from Dave to have cause marketing experts lead small, roundtable discussions on cause marketing best practices. You can choose from sessions led by executives from Best Buy, JetBlue Airways, Mattel, Motorola, State Farm, Whirlpool, Feeding America and many others.
  8. You get to meet me! We can chat over a drink and I'll say "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd" until you and your friends are fully amused. Then you can brag to people back home (even if back home is New England) that you met the guy with the worst Boston accent. This leads me to my last point.

There is only one thing that could make this conference even better: if it was held in Boston! The town where cause marketing was practically invented and where it has certainly flourished. 

But I'll have to take that up with Dave separately. Convincing a New Yorker to do anything in Boston is always challenging. Wish me luck!

**If you're active on Twitter, the hashtag for this year's conference is #cmf10.