Cause Marketer Sells Soul, Hell To Host BMC Fundraiser

Deal2If you're interested in corporate giving, you'll enjoy this podcast on IT Conversations.

The commentators are Atlanta Mcllwraith, Timberland; Douglas Sabo, McAfee, Inc.; Steve Wright Foundation.

All three make good points, but I especially liked Steve's comments on's expectations of doing well by doing good.

If after listening to the podcast you're concerned that nonprofits are selling their souls to Corporate America, reading this might make you feel better.  With a little luck, they'll soon be able to sell them to anyone on eBay.

Even if nonprofits end up in Hell, they certainly won't be alone. This guy will be a headliner.  But if a recent visitor to my blog has his way, I'll be the opening act. "You and yours are a cancer on this land, a plague of vampires sent to steal from us our vital energies, through guilt."

Here's hoping I stay "undead" for a long, long time.

Hat tip: NPMarketing Blog.

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