LUSH Spoils Shark Fin Soup with Soap, Cause Marketing

We all saw the good and bad of Shark's during Discovery's Shark Week. But even on their worse day sharks don't deserve this: tens of millions are killed every year for nothing but their fins. It's just not fair. Worldwide there are only a handful of serious, but very well publicized, shark attacks on humans.

Seems like the bloodbath is on our hands, not on their teeth.

Bath and body product maker LUSH is sinking their teeth in to the problem with a shark fin soap that I plan to terrorize my kids with in the bathtub.

All proceeds benefit Shark Savers, an organization committed to saving these toothy predators - let's hope the ones that eat obnoxious Yankee fans and guys that wear speedos on the beach. If so, God bless their work.