Countdown To Halloween Town: Membership Has its Priveleges

The week of Halloween Town is always a crazy time as we get ready to load in our sets, supplies, pumpkins, decor, banners candy and 850 volunteers to the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  Is this a lot of stuff?  Enough to fill a 70,000 square foot convention hall! There are a number of priorities this week, but here are the big ones from a cause marketing perspective.

Sponsor czar.  This person's sole job is to ensure that all corporate partners get what they are promised and are happy with their involvement in Halloween Town.  Every decision we make at the event includes the sponsor czar because they are the voice for our clients when they're not present to speak for themselves.

Killer R.I.P.  On both days of Halloween Town we host a Really Important Person reception for big wigs and for current and prospective corporate sponsors.  Inviting potential partners is a great opportunity for them to see firsthand what Halloween Town is all about and just how unique and powerful the sponsorship opportunity is.  Companies are also impressed by the crowds--13,000 last year--and our ability to draw the elusive four-eyed, four-legged monster (i. e. mothers with kids).  With Halloween Town, seeing is believing and the RIP room, perched over the convention room floor, gives them a bird's eye view.

Corporate ticket sales.  To date we've sold tens of thousands in corporate tickets, many of which are donated back to the hospital for distribution to our patients, community health centers and other youth-based programs.  Not only are corporate tickets sales an important part of the revenue mix for the event, but they also serve our mission to give the poor population we serve a safe, festive Halloween party for young families, which was iParty's initial vision for the event four years ago.

Taking care of friends.  We sell a lot of tickets to Halloween Town, but, as I mentioned above, we also distribute a bunch to the community at no cost.  Having a full house is very important, especially for our sponsors.  It's very possible that we could have a good day at the gate but the 70,000 square foot convention hall just wouldn't look very full.  That would be a disaster!  Besides, we really want to break last year's attendance record of 13,000.

That's why I'm inviting my blog readers to join me at Halloween Town as my guest!  Just email me at and let me know how many tickets you need and which day you would like to attend on Saturday or Sunday.  

I hope you can join me at Boston's #1 Halloween event for toddlers to tweens!