Five Things Cause Marketers Should Do This Summer

On Tuesday I wrote a post on summer reading for fundraisers. But then I remembered that reading was just one of the things fundraisers - and cause marketers - should be doing this summer.

Here are five more ideas for the dog days of summer.

Watch the Keynote Presentations from the CMF Conference

What a deal! Give Dave and Megan three minutes of your time by answering a brief survey then you can watch all the keynote presentations at this year's Cause Marketing Forum Conference. They include:

  • LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman on his group's approach to crisis management and corporate partnerships.
  • Former Ben & Jerry's and Stonyfield Farms CEO Walt Freese on managing purpose-driven brands.
  • P&G's Bryan McCleary, ANN INC.'s Catherine Fisher and MSLGROUP's Scott Beaudoin on cause efforts around the world.
  • Golden Halo Award-winner's COO Aria Finger on cause marketing and millennials.

Watching these videos in the CMF library would generally cost you $595. Fill out the survey and you can watch them for FREE.

Start a Blog

I meet with good people all the time who ask me how they can enhance their professional reputations (whether it's in cause marketing or another field). I tell them all the same thing: start a blog.

I've been blogging since 2004 and it was the best thing I ever did. Yes, it requires time, commitment. But so few people actually do the work that you have a great opportunity to stand out as a bleader (blogger + leader) in your field.

Are you wondering what platform to use? I would give Medium a try. [Oops. Medium is in beta and not open to everyone, although you can request an invite. Try the FREE version of Wordpress.] It was founded by Ev Williams - he also founded Blogger and this other site...oh, what's the name...oh yeah, TWITTER.

I like what they are trying to accomplish over at Medium. It's all about making words shine! Pictures are great, but words rule!

Wondering what you should write about? Don't. Just start writing. You'll find your niche. The important thing is to get started.

Learn More About Mobile

We all know that mobile is exploding, but as a fundraiser and cause marketer are you ready for a mobile-first world? I didn't think so.

I learn a lot about mobile from the people I follow on Twitter. They include: @mGive, @uqrme,

I also subscribe to Mediapost'sMobile Marketing Daily.

Catch Up on Back Episodes of CauseTalk Radio

I know, everyone misses CauseTalk Radio. For her 40th birthday, my co-host Megan Strand decided to ride her bike 400 miles. What she didn't tell me was that she was stopping at a bar every ten milles and the trip would take her a month! Fortunately, she's back now and we're back on the air next Thursday.

You can catch up on the shows here. I think you'll be surprised at the breadth of topics we cover on cause marketing, fundraising, nonprofit marketing and branding.

You have 57 episodes to listen to. Start now and you can finish before Labor Day!

Become a Regular on Twitter

It's not enough to join Twitter. You have to be active on it.

I get a lot of from Twitter. I learn about my field and other things I'm interested in (like History!). I use Twitter Search more than I use Google to find things I'm interested in.

But that's now all. I talk with friends, retweet things to share, favorite tweets I want to save for later reading, get people's opinions on things I'm writing about, and ask for help on just about everything.

On what other social network can you accomplish all that!