5 Tips for Developing Cause Marketing Partnerships

Scott Pansky of Allison + Partners is one of the most knowledge guys I know on cause marketing. Not long ago I said he should write a book. The other day he sent me his bullet points for 5 Tips for Developing Cause Marketing Partnerships.

Well, I guess it's a start!

Of course, Scott made some excellent points. To them, I've added posts I've written that elaborate on them. They're a poor a substitute to what Scott could write on the subject. But until Scott writes his book on cause marketing it will have to do!

#1.  Is Cause Marketing Right for Your Organiztation?

#2.  Do Research on the Company Before Reaching Out to Them

#3.  Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone

#4.  Be Creative

#5.  Have Fun! Build It and They Will Come!