Halloween Town Goes Outdoors

005384_ctbbosmedctrhalloween1A new way we're promoting Halloween Town this year is through our very own billboard.  This one is in a great spot: 93 North near Exit 15.  With the bumper-to-bumper traffic Route 93 has every weekday, 50,000 cars will pass by it (very slowly!).

A number of people have already mentioned the billboard to us in calls 005384_atbbosmedctrhalloween1_3 and emails, and it seems to be complementing our other forms of promotion.  Outdoor advertising has worked well for other events in this area (e.g. Spookyworld, King Richard's Faire) so it was on the top of our list of new media to invest in this year.

Next year we want to add a billboard on the Mass Pike.  The research we've done at past Halloween Towns points to a strong audience coming from west of Boston.  This is great because it's largely an affluent, educated audience that make great customers/donors.  Of course, we're not the only ones who want to reach this audience, which explains why the rates for outdoor advertising along the Pike are so high.  I'll have to concoct a Halloween spell for next year!