Countdown to Halloween Town: The Empire Strikes Back

Darthhalloween24 Days until the big day!  We kicked off the sale of Halloween Town tickets yesterday by inviting Darth Vader and a few Storm Troopers to Shaw's Supermarket in Waltham, Mass.  As you can see Channel 5's David Brown made the mistake of cutting in line and had to pay the ultimate price.  Darth assured David that he wasn't his father.

Thanks to the gals at the Herald's Inside Track for taking and printing this great photo.

The Shaw's store looked great yesterday.  There was signage on the doors, register poles and customer service desk.  Shoppers can buy Halloween Town tickets when they checkout and clerks are asking shoppers to buy mobiles at the customer service desk.  Shortly before the Halloween Town weekend, October 27-28, Shaw's stores will stuff bags with Halloween Town brochures to help promote the event.

Last year, Shaw's was a key stop for many Halloween Town attendees because they sold discounted tickets.  Confirming that Halloween activities are a last minute decision for many families, Shaw's sold thousands of tickets the weekend of Halloween Town.

Shaw's has been a great partner for Halloween Town.  They're the annual sponsor of the "Farmers Market" at Halloween Town.  They ship in 15,000 pumpkins for the kids to decorate and take home.  They also have an antique Shaw's delivery truck on display that has become a key spot for family pictures (and wonderful memories).  Of course, this is great branding and Shaw's loves it!