CauseTalk Radio Ep94: Better World Wireless Has a Mobile Mission

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Darian Rodriguez Heyman, co-founder of BetterWorld Wireless, a company that's aiming to make mobile-users feel GOOD every time they use their phone.

Darian explains that when you switch to BetterWorld Wireless, which is backed by a great group of supporting nonprofits, a person in need will receive a free mobile device loaded with content to help break the cycle of poverty and empower their life. Sponsored by You.

Darian explains how BWW adopted Tom's Shoes' one-for-one model, but applied it to mobile. He and his is partners view mobile as a tremendous opportunity for social good - if it can be leveraged with skill, experience and compassion!

Tune in now to learn about a company that is hoping to turn the smartphone - perhaps the most popular invention in history, according to Darian! - into a good-phone for a better world.