CauseTalk Radio Ep93: KIND Does the Kind Thing with KIND Causes

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Elle Lanning of KIND Healthy Snacks about KIND Causes. Megan and I are big fans of KIND so we were excited to finally have them on the show!

Elle discusses the company’s “Kind Movement,” which seeks to inspire and celebrate kind acts. KIND Causes is one of the core programs. Its goal is to crowdsource ideas to make the world a little kinder. To encourage these ideas, KIND awards support to organizations and individuals to make kind acts a reality.

All of KIND’s activities - cause related and other - are meant to live out the promise and potential of their brand. Cause is just one component of this. 

We also discuss how KIND approaches its cause activities, and its insistence on leading with an outstanding product to build passion that can spill into cause activities. The only place where “cause” should come before “product” is in the dictionary!

Are you running a cause business? Or do you hope to start one that will grow into the next KIND? This is episode is for you!