Valentine's Day Cause Marketing - Pinterest Round-Up

Yesterday on Razoo, I wrote about three Valentine's Day cause marketing partnerships from Friendly's Ice Cream, Puffs Facial Tissue and Macy's. These three were pretty traditional as far as Valentine's Day promotions go. These two are not!

Mend Two Broken Hearts with KillSwitch

Valentine's Day should be about love, but that's not always the case, right? Sometimes you just want to forget a former love. In steps KillSwitch. When you download the app, it will delete Facebook pictures, videos, status updates and wall posts tagged with your Ex.

This should stop your heart from aching so much. If it doesn't, maybe the fact that KillSwitch is donating 20% of every app download to the American Heart Association of New York will (Wait...Yankee fans have hearts? Who knew!). The gang at KillSwitch is hoping to raise $5,000.

Condom Cab Drives Home Sex Ed

The Cash Cab isn't the only cab in New York that's peppering passengers with trivia between destinations! The Condom Cab has penetrated New York streets thanks to condom maker Trojan!

Tomorrow and Friday night, passengers will get the chance to receive a free "safe ride." Once snugly fitted in the cab, passengers will answer trivia questions aimed at testing their knowledge of sexual health and condom usage. The prizes should be interesting!

It's all part of Trojan's efforts to promote Condom Awareness Week, which, yes, is the same week as Valentine's Day.

Check out all the other Valentine's Day cause marketing on this Pinterest board. And let me know if you have anything to add to it!