The 10 Best Cause Marketing Posts of 2011

Here’s one last look back at 2011. Here are the top ten posts at as ranked by PostRank.

  1. How Nonprofits Can Stop a Zombie Apocalypse
  2. Nonprofit Uses QR Code, Quora to Make Cause Marketing More Transparent
  3. 6 Cause Marketing Promotions You Can Learn From
  4. 5 Cause Marketing Mistakes You Don't Have to Make
  5. What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Cause Marketing
  6. For Direct Relief, Cause Marketing, Disasters are a Game
  7. The Role of Emotion in Cause Marketing
  8. 6 Thanksgiving Cause Marketing Promotions I’m Thankful for
  9. Why Steve Jobs and I Hate Charity
  10. 8 'Pinktober' Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

Other must reads on cause marketing

Anything Paul Jones writes over at I promise you’ll learn something from every post. I know I do.

In November, I wrote a post on cause marketing resources that every business and nonprofit  check out.

The post that caused the biggest stir in the cause marketing community was this researcher's article: Can Supporting a Cause Decrease Donations and Happiness?: The Cause Marketing Paradox. I, of course, responded with my own post: Cause Marketing, Selfishness, Drive Consumer Giving.

Finally, the good folks at Cone published a study on the global opportunity of cause marketing that was really interesting (how do you say "pinup" in Hindi?). You can download it for free here.