The 25 Best Cause Marketing Posts of 2010

Here's one last look back at 2010. Here are the top ten cause marketing posts on Selfish Giving.

  1. Komen & KFC's Cause Marketing Isn't Finger-Lickin' Good
  2. My Twitter Policy: How You Can Join the 200 (Kind of surprised this ranked so high, but it doesn't hurt to review!)
  3. Cause Marketing Cynicism is a Good Thing
  4. Cause Marketing Limits Raise More Money
  5. Causeon: Groupon for Cause Marketing
  6. Product Red Bono's Learns the Hard Way: Don't Put the Cause Before the Horse
  7. Are QR Codes the Next Big Thing for Cause Marketing?
  8. What is Cause Marketing?
  9. Cone Study to Local Nonprofits: Now is the Time for Cause Marketing
  10. The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

Some other great cause marketing writing and studies from the from the past year that you should definitely check out.

Cause Dissonance: KFC and Komen Buckets for the Cure by Scott Henderson.

Cause Marketing Cynicism is on the Rise by Geoff Livingston

The Most Influential Cause Marketing Campaigns of All Time by David Hessekiel

The Day Cause Marketing Died by Mike Swenson

Dawn's Wildlife Rescue: Totally Slick or Too Slippery by Megan Strand

Corporate Altruism: The Blurring Lines Between CSR & Cause Marketing by Beth Kanter

Starring Cause Marketing Campaigns by Tim Ogden

The End of Corporate Philanthropy by Scott Beaudoin

Men Have Hearts Too by Mike Swenson

Other must reads on cause marketing.

Cause Marketing Through Social Media by Kate Olson and Geoff Livingston

2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study by Cone LLC

Brighter World Cause Marketing Blog by the Tyson sisters (some great posts here)

Finally, you should check out my recent recommendation of books. While not all of them are related to cause marketing. I believe they will all relate to my success in the upcoming year.

Just a couple days into the new year and you're already behind on your reading! Give me some reading. What would you add to this list?