Booster, GiveForward Team Up to Help Donors Raise More Money

giveforward booster partnership

Booster, the social fundraising platform where you can support your favorite cause by selling T-shirts, is teaming up with GiveForward, one of the top online fund-raising sites for medical expenses, to help fundraisers raise more money.

Professional fundraisers call offering supporters multiple ways to give integrated fundraising. The point of integrated fundraising is to never to miss a chance to raise money. You don’t have to be a professional to tap its power. But you do need to think strategically about your fundraising objectives.

Take the example of the friends of Joe Henson, an 11 year-old-boy diagnosed with brain cancer. Joe’s friends are raising money to cover his medical expenses on GiveForward. To date they’ve raised over $27,000. At the same time, supporters launched a campaign on Booster, which actor Chris Pratt (Parks & Recreation, Jurassic World) supported. It sold over 3,400 shirts and raised nearly $50,000 in sales and donations.

There are two important lessons here.

Joe Henson

Joe Henson

Give people more ways to support your effort. Joe’s cancer is tragic and friends, family and co-workers want to help in every way possible. Booster was another important way for people to show their support for Joe’s recovery.

People have big hearts. Make sure your fundraiser is as big as their desire to help.

Enhance awareness of the fundraiser. Supporters of Joe gave the campaign a social identity with the #FearIsntReal hashtag. When supporters tweeted a picture of themselves wearing the T-shirt, Chris Pratt retweeted them to his one million followers, earning the campaign additional attention. 

All the major social networks, including Facebook, use hashtags to track keywords and topics. Promoting a hashtag is a great way to drive supporters online to donate at GiveForward and to buy a shirt at Booster.

Joe Henson’s friends are working hard to get him the care he needs with GiveForward and Booster. It’s a powerful one-two punch. 


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