Ep235: This Beauty Brand is Empowering Girls with Every Brow Wax


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Annie Ford Danielson, Global Beauty Authority at Benefit Cosmetics about the Bold is Beautiful Project, which has raised $11 million waxing women's (and men's) brows in 17 countries.

The Bold is Beautiful Project is the company's annual global philanthropy program dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to help empower women and girls around the world. 

On the show, Megan, Annie and I discuss:

Annie Ford Danielson, Brand DNA

Annie Ford Danielson, Brand DNA

  • How the Bold is Beautiful Project got started in 2015 in four countries.
  • How the program works in Benefit's boutiques and in retail partner stores like Sephora.
  • This is a worldwide effort! How do you choose the benefiting charities?
  • How nonprofit partners support the fundraiser.
  • The business benefits of the Bold is Beautiful Project.
  • How the fundraiser is promoted in stores.
  • Lessons learned over the past two years.
  • New ideas and plans for 2018!

Show Notes

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