Ep135: How Activists & Companies are Using Petitions to Stand Together for Good

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Randy Paynter, Founder & CEO of Care2, a social network of 32 million citizen-activists who are using and supporting petitions to make the world a better place. 

Megan, Randy and I discuss:

Randy Paynter, CEO, Care2

Randy Paynter, CEO, Care2

  • The incredible success of Care2. They've succeeded where many, many others have failed.
  • The focus of the site on online petitions - and building a community.
  • How site traffic is driven mainly through social networks, especially Facebook.
  • How Care2 works with partners - both nonprofit and for-profit.
  • The role of gamification on the site and how Care2 is using incentives to create a positive experience for members and partners.
  • The challenge of working with the right companies - and why they have to turn most businesses down! 
  • The evolution of petitions for businesses and how they've gone from avoiding to embracing them.
  • Details on their "Cecil The Lion" petition, Care2's fastest-growing petition ever.
  • Why Care2 isn't asking members for donations.
  • Care2's direct efforts to turn petitions into real changes in the world.

Show Notes


Stop FEDEX From Shipping Shark Fins

Demand Justice for Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe

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