14 Cause Marketing All-Stars Share Their Winning Strategies [Ebook]


Megan Strand and I don't have a new episode of CauseTalk Radio for you this week (the show will return next week). But we have an excellent substitute! It's an ebook with some of the best insights and wisdom from our podcast. 

Megan and I are pleased to present: 14 Cause Marketing All-Stars Share Their Winning Strategies.

This 24-page ebook features the advice of some of the top cause marketers on the planet.

  • Clark Sweat at Children's Miracle Network talks about six-figure success with charity pinups.
  • The mother of cause marketing, Carol Cone, explains how purpose works.
  • Missy Sherburne at Donorschoose.org reveals how she recruits corporate partners.
  • Joe Hamlin at Cleveland Clinic shows you how to raise money with cause marketing when you are starting from nothing.
  • Aria Finger at Dosomething.org shows you how to woo cause marketing's darling demographic: Millennials.

You'll also learn from Build-A-Bear, KIND Healthy Snacks, Pencils of Promise, Good Scout, For Momentum and Public Inc. The ebook covers everything from checkout fundraisers to crowdfunding to keeping your cause marketing program on the right side of the law.
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