Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits

A powerful new guide for nonprofits with 40 proven & lucrative strategies from the leading blogger & speaker on business giving. 


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fundraising with business

Awards & Praise for Fundraising with Businesses

The organization of this book is what really caught our attention. Waters gives you specific cause (pronounced “khaz” by Waters) marketing strategies, how to implement them, ideas you’re encouraged to steal and success stories at every turn. His approachable format is chock-full of applicability.                                                                                                                                                                                    -Denise McMahan, Founder & Publisher,
cause planet choice award 2014

“Joe Waters has been preparing his whole life to write this book. He has worked at the intersection of business and philanthropy for many years and knows the challenges and opportunities. This is the guidebook for fundraisers who want new and innovative ways to raise money with businesses. It’s easy to follow and has excellent and usable examples. The book’s ties to Pinterest will keep it fresh with new ideas. I just love it and you will too!”
—Carol Cone (aka The Mother of Cause Marketing), Global Practice Chair, Business + Social Purpose, Edelman

“Joe Waters’ latest book is crammed with practical ideas and tips that any non- profit (large or small) can and should use to connect with the business community. Each chapter in Waters’ book is a literary high-energy bar—loaded with the right ingredients, easy to digest and fun to read. From cover to cover, this book is a winner!” 
—Curt Weeden, founder, New Strategies Forum; author of Smart Giving Is Good Business

“Leave it to Joe Waters to produce the ultimate idea book for nonprofits seeking actionable ideas for raising cold hard cash with business partners. Written with Joe’s signature sense of humor and no-nonsense approach, Fundraising with Businesses is a winner. Can’t wait to feature it in the Cause Marketing Forum bookstore.” 
—David Hessekiel, President, Cause Marketing Forum; co-author of Good Works!

“Joe Waters is the person we all look to for sound advice and great ideas. In Fundraising with Businesses, he pulls back his creative curtain and unveils a wealth of proven, profitable strategies. Take this book and change the financial success of your nonprofit organization.” 
—Bruce Burtch, cause pioneer; author, Win-Win for the Greater Good

“Joe cuts through the clutter to help nonprofits raise more money from businesses. If you’re a small nonprofit looking for new ways to raise money with businesses, this book is a must-read. Joe spent nearly 20 years in the trenches and can lead you to success. He’s raised millions of dollars and recruited hundreds of corporate partners. This is a tell-all book that every nonprofit should read.” 
—Joanna MacDonald, co-author, Cause Marketing For Dummies; Director, Cause Marketing, Boston Medical Center

“Insightful, smart and innovative. A must-read for anyone who works in the world of cause marketing!”
—Jessie Sherrer, Senior Manager, Share Our Strength

About Joe Waters


Joe Waters is a respected writer, speaker, podcaster, consultant and expert on cause marketing and business giving.

He's known for three things: his popular blog,, his expertise in creating and executing win-win partnerships between nonprofits and companies, and his wicked Boston accent!

Joe has been working with nonprofits and businesses since 1994 and has raised millions of dollars from local, regional and national corporate partners.

A sought after speaker, Joe has presented to hundreds of organizations. He's the author of three books, including Cause Marketing for Dummies, and has written for many publications, including Fast Company, QSR MagazineHuffington Post, Forbes, Mediapost, Razoo's Inspiring Generosity, Nonprofit Quarterly, Chronicle of Philanthropy and Healthcare Philanthropy Journal.

Joe's been quoted in many publications, including The New York Times, Reuters,, and The Nonprofit Times. He's also appeared on HuffPost Live.

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“Joe’s book is all about changing the way nonprofits and companies raise
money together. It is a book that educates and innovates with every sentence.” 

- Beth Kanter, co-author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

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"I just received Joe's book. It's a must read. Practical action-oriented advice every nonprofit fundraiser needs for today's marketplace."

- Jocelyne Daw, co-author of Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding

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"The definitive guide for nonprofits seeking partnerships."

- Peter Lowy, Publisher,