Ep229: Zappos Sponsors Pet Adoptions with 'Friends on Us Fridays'


[Note on Today's Podcast: Megan and were testing a new way to record the show and everything was going great ... until afterward when we listened to the audio. Something was off with my microphone and I sound very, very weird (Yes, more so than usual!). Megan thought it was hilarious! I wasn't so thrilled. Still, the content is good! So, forgive us. We'll do better next week!] 

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Steven Bautista, Karma Kommando at Zappos, about Friends on Us Fridays, new initiative furthering the brand's commitment to animal advocacy and pet adoption.

Beginning this month, Zappos for Good in partnership with the North Shore Animal League America, will sponsor adoptions at select shelters across 15 states and 36 cities every Friday leading up to the launch of the annual Home for the Pawlidayz campaign on Nov. 24th. This means that Zappos will cover all qualifying adoption fees for select shelters each Friday, for both dogs and cats!

On the show, Megan, Steven and I will discuss:

  • The background of Zappos for Good and how it got started.
  • Why Zappos originally decided to focus on shelter animals and expand the program with Friends on Us Fridays.
  • How Zappos got involved with North Shore Animal League of America and what makes for a good nonprofit partner.
  • How cause campaigns help Zappos connect with their customers and employees in a unique and positive way.
  • How employees are getting involved in the campaign.
  • How consumers have responded to the program.
  • How Zappos has included merchandise to Friends on Us Fridays and what it's added to the campaign.
  • What other cause-related initiatives Zappos is involved in.
  • How Zappos narrowed its cause-focus to two signature programs.
  • What lessons Zappos has learned in building a strong purpose brand.
  • Will Zappos be selling doggie and kitty shoes any time soon? 

Show Notes

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