Ep213: This Company Has a Sweet Solution to the Bitter Problem of Child Slavery in West Africa

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Peter Zandee, U. S. Sales Manager, Tony's Chocolonely, about their efforts to fight child slavery in the chocolate industry in West Africa.

On the show, Megan, Peter and I discuss:

Peter Zandee, Tony's Chocolonely

Peter Zandee, Tony's Chocolonely

  • How Tony's got started by a Dutch journalist who was appalled by the slavery in West Africa.
  • The founders had no experience making chocolate or working in West Africa. But they had a powerful commitment to the cause.
  • The problem of childhood slavery in West Africa and why it's getting worse.
  • How Tony's is trying to address the problem of child slavery by paying cocoa growers a living wage and adding traceability to the supply chain. Tony's want to be a model for the industry.
  • Other companies Tony's is working with to eradicate child slavery.
  • How Tony's communicates its mission with stakeholders.
  • The importance of leading with great tasting chocolate and then the social impact.

Show Notes

The Story of Tony Chocolonely

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