Apps I Use for Cause Marketing

Anyone who knows me knows how important my iPhone is to me, especially now that I have the super-fast 4G! Except for typing posts like this one, which I'm writing on my iPad, I do just about everything on my iPhone. This means I do a lot of my cause marketing business with my iPhone and the apps I download. Earlier I gave you five apps I use for cause marketing.

Here's an update on what apps I have on my home page and how I use them.

Evernote. One of my favorite apps, especially now on the iPad. Evernote has been a great place to store everything from articles on Foursquare to samples of pinups that are invaluable for sharing at client meetings. Between Evernote's folders and tags I can organize and sort things any way I want, and email them to anyone at the click of a button.

Dropbox. Wow. That's all I can say about Dropbox. Not long ago Frank Dickinson asked me on Twitter why I liked it so much. My tweet back: "Think of it as a thumb drive u always have with u, can view contents on any device & can share with any1 w/URL." No more bumming thumb drives off your co-workers because you can sync everything right to Dropbox. And now your not limited to viewing those files on your desktop and laptop. I can view and edit them on my iPhone and iPad too. Try doing that with a thumb drive. I also like the "Public" option on Dropbox. When I ran out of space on Slideshare for the last two recordings of my Six Figure Cause Marketing webinar, I dropped them into the public folder in Dropbox and shared the URL with my students.

Dropbox is also a great place to store cause marketing presentations so I can review them right on my iPhone in a taxi or at the airport. And, as with Evernote, the Dropbox's app for the iPad is awesome.

Remember the Milk. I use this for tasks and project management. It too syncs across all my computers and PDA's. I like RTM because I can put as little or as much information in it as I want. It's very flexible. For a quick reminder, like say call a client at 8am in the morning, I sometimes use NotifyMe2.

Constant Contact. This is my app for tracking the open and click through rates of my email newsletter.

WordPress. On the iPhone, the Wordpress app is a great way to check and reply to comments, or to make a quick edit to a post. On the iPad, I use it to write posts like this one. While not as robust as I would like--you can't add pictures or hyperlinks--I usually write my drapf and then go back in on my desktop or laptop to finish the post.

Analytics Pro. You'll never go to Google Analytics again! At $6.99, Analytics Pro isn't cheap, but it's well worth it as I can check my latest stats right from my phone. I can see traffic and referral sources, top content and landing pages, keywords, everything!

Read It Later. I've just started using Read it Later, but I think I'm going to like it. They have this great feature on the iPhone--yes, I do most of my reading too on my iPhone. Yeah, my iPad has a bigger screen but it's also heavier and a little awkward to hold--that allows you to save links without opening them first. I just click on the hyperlink and it goes right to RIL.

I haven't tried the Digest upgrade to RIL, but I suggest you check it out. You can also get a free invite to test it for a week.

So that's my current list of apps. They allow me to pretty much do everything from my iPhone. What am I missing? I would love to hear what apps you can't bear to be without!

Better Cause Marketing with the iPad

We recently got an Apple iPad as a gift. I knew I would like it because I love my iPhone, and in many ways the iPad is really just a big iPhone. But at first it was a little bit too much like an iPhone--just one I couldn't put in my pocket.

But the more I used it more I liked it. I downloaded apps for the iPad. I also bought the keyboard dock so unlike my iPhone I wouldn't be stuck pecking away one letter at a time on the screen's keyboard.

The keyboard dock dramatically changed my experience with the iPad. I felt liberated!

It wasn't long before I started thinking how I could use the iPad for cause marketing. Here are some of the ways it's already become a helpful tool.

Blogging. The keyboard dock was an absolute must here. While I've read that some bloggers type posts right from the iPad's keyboard, this wasn't for me. Next, I needed a platform on which to type my posts. iPad wouldn't let me type them on the Wordpress web interface as I usually do. Using Apple's Pages or iWorks didn't seem the right solution as my desktop and laptop are both PC's. Ultimately I went with the Wordpress app, which is nothing fancy but it works. I still have to jump on my PC to add photos and links, but all the writing can be done on the iPad.

Meetings. This is where the iPad really shined. It's so easy to share with everyone in a room. We all know how much more difficult this is to do with a laptop, or with an iPhone, which is too small. But the iPad is a perfect size. I made it even easier to use in meetings by adding the Evernote app. I've written glowingly of Evernote as a cause marketing tool before, but the Evernote app for the iPad is impressive. Evernote has been a great way to share everything from cause marketing campaigns to videos to pinups to pictures.

And having an iPad for meetings has a coolness factor that can't be beat! Just make sure you sign up for the 3G service if you plan to go online. Don't be like me and learn the hard way that the company you're at doesn't have Wifi. Because as I learned, well, that's just not cool.

Another iPad app that's helpful in meetings is FastFinga. Instead of typing notes I can just write them with my finger, turning the iPad into a real writing pad. I can even ship these notes off to Evernote. Give Fastfinga a try.

Presentations. I share Chris Brogan's frustrations with the iPad for creating presentations. But the gorgeous Dropbox app for iPad makes viewing and sharing them with others a breeze.

The iPad truly shines in meetings when you want to share examples of cause marketing campaigns or other types of media. But I plan to stick with it for blogging posts like this one. It won't be long before Wordpress improves its app so I can write my posts start to finish (links, pic and all) on the iPad.

How do you think you might use the iPad for your fundraising?