Supermarket Goes Green for Children's

A fellow cause marketer in Boston, Jim O'Malley over at Children's Hospital, recently dropped me a line with info on a new program he's launched with Roche Bros. Supermarkets.

This is what I really like about the program.

It's green. No expensive mobiles filling up our landfills with this program. Roche Bros. rewards customers or Children's when they bring their own bags. Customers can pocket the five cents per bag or donate it back to Children's Hospital.

Roche Bros. and Children's Hospital are hoping to raise $50,000 from the program.

What's great about this program is that it's only one facet of Roche's involvement with Children's. They're also a major sponsor of Children's annual walk next month at which they'll have an employee led team.

An ongoing register program like this one, however, is not without challenges. A few questions for Jim that I'll hope he'll take the time to comment on.

This program has been running since November, how has Roche Bros. been keeping cashiers motivated and asking that all-important question: "Do you want to donate your rebate back to Children's Hospital?"

Everyone is jumping on the "Green" wagon and I guess Children's is no exception! How has that worked for you? What has been the feedback from shoppers and hospital employees and donors?

How has Roche Bros.' upcoming participation in your walk given "Be Green" legs at the store level, and vice versa? Do you believe the successes of "Be Green" and the walk will be intertwined?