Whole Foods Adopts QR Codes for Cause Marketing

I came across this appeal at my local Whole Foods Market. These types of cause marketing promotions are common at Whole Foods. I call them passive cause marketing because they don't involve an ask from the cashier, unlike active cause marketing.

The signage is strategically placed right where you swipe your credit card.

This is the first time I've seen a QR code at the register at Whole Foods. As I've explained before, QR codes are a good idea. They allow consumers to better connect with the causes they support at the register.

Unfortunately, this QR code is not in a great spot. You see it but you don't have time to act on it! I didn't have time to get my smartphone out and scan the QR code. A better idea would be to include it on the shopper's receipt as well.

Nevertheless, it's good see QR codes expanding their reach. Do you have other examples to share with me?

More Information: Page: 11 - 12, 120 -122, 287 - 288, Cause Marketing for Dummies 

FYI: My wife got the grandinroad/Frontgate catalog and they had a QR code on the back that linked readers to something different, relevant and interesting. Scan it and see for yourself!