Winners: Pinterest 'Causes I Love Contest'

Wow, choosing the winner of the Pinterest "Causes I Love Contest" was a lot of fun. But it was a tough decision too. Truth be told, I asked my wife to help. We loved so many of the boards I decided to hand out three awards. First place gets the $250 gift card. Second place a $100 gift card. Third place a $50 gift card.

First Place

I loved this board by Anne Spires DeLong. The pictures are wonderful and it's clear that she loves dogs, pets and animal adoption.

Second Place

This is a great board from Jessica Stanford. Jessica's board especially spoke to my wife with its interesting and cute pictures. We both loved all the causes that are represented on it.

Third Place

I thought Kathy Hernandez had a clever idea for her board. She pinned pictures of people that share her last name of Hernandez that she supports through Kiva. Talk about put a human face to giving. What a great use of Pinterest!

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated.

Anne, Jessica and Kathy: You can contact me at to receive your gift cards!