Shamrock Pinups Bring in the Gold for MDA

I started my fundraising career at the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 1993. In February, I'd load my car up with Shamrock pinups and delivering them to bars, restaurants, department stores and anywhere else that had customers and a cash register. At the end of March, I'd circle back around and collect the money. Even today, when Shamrock season rolls around I see all those pinups hanging in stores and I think: "Boy, lugging those pinups around was a lot of work!"

But they were also lucrative. I remember raising thousands of dollars in restaurants and bars that I never thought would raise a hundred bucks!

Today, Shamrocks are still surprising everyone and raising a lot of money. My jaw dropped last year when Lowe's Home Stores raised $7.6 million selling Shamrock pinups.

I wonder how they'll raise this year?

Shaw's Supermarket in Newtonville, MA always does a great job selling and displaying MDA Shamrocks.

I scanned this QR Code to see where it would take me. Note to MDA: I shouldn't have to guess where it will go!

Good start! The QR Code took me to a mobile page!

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Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

Anatomy of a Cause Marketing Pinup

Point-of-sale programs are the backbone of cause marketing, raising the majority of consumer donations each year. The dominating point-of-sale tactic is pinups.

One question I get all the time after I present on the different types of cause marketing tactics is “What’s a pinup? And where do I get them?”

The second question always cracks me up because I envision people searching for pinups in the aisles of Target or Walmart. I can hear them saying, “Where can I buy those darn things?!”

You can stop your search. You don’t buy pinups at a store. A printer makes them for you. Here are a few other things you should know about pinups....

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