Ep201: SoCal Honda Dealers 'Causejack' Super Bowl for Charity

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Patrick Adams, Managing Director, Secret Weapon Marketing, the creative minds behind the Helpful Bowl, a bigger, better Super Bowl that has SoCal Honda donating money to Boys & Girls Clubs in Southern California for every Big Game ad that has an advertising cliche.

On the show, Megan, Patrick and I discuss:

Patrick Adams, Secret Weapon Marketing

Patrick Adams, Secret Weapon Marketing

  • How the Helpful Bowl got started by Southern California Honda dealers. Ultimately, people wanted to be helped!
  • How the Helpful Bowl works. They're not advertising during the Super Bowl, but they will be donating money based on the commercials.
  • Why Megan and Joe will be looking for puppies and aliens in Super Bowl ads.
  • Megan asks: "Is the Helpful Bowl an example of 'causejacking?'" Yes!
  • Other ways SoCal Honda are being "helpful" and serving the community.
  • What are the business objectives of the campaign?
  • Patrick's thoughts on how cause marketing has evolved over the past decade.
  • The power of a brand having a year-long cause platform as opposed to a transactional cause promotion.

Show Notes

Helpful Bowl

SoCal Honda Dealers

Secret Weapon Marketing

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