Ep159: HBO, Game of Thrones & Omaze Launch #RealmToThe-Rescue to Raise $1M for Refugees

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I have back-to-back guests to discuss a new cause initiative launched by HBO, Game of Thrones, Omaze and the International Rescue Committee to raise $1 million for refugee services. [Update: They've already raised over $350k!]

The goal of Rescue Has No Boundaries is to bring attention to the global refugee crisis and to raise emergency funds to help rescue the millions of people displaced by the war in the Middle East. 

Our first guest is Dennis Williams, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at HBO.

Our second guest is Matt Pohlson, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Omaze, a cause marketplace that raises money and awareness for charity by offering the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

On the show, Megan, Dennis, Matt and I discuss:

With Dennis Williams:

Dennis Williams, HBO

Dennis Williams, HBO

  • How the campaign got started and why HBO decided to leverage its most popular show to help refugees around the world.
  • How Rescue Has No Boundaries is focused on both raising money and building awareness.
  • How this is the first time that HBO has tied one of its shows to a major issue.
  • Why HBO decided to partner with Omaze to raise funds. HBO has had success with the program in the past!

With Matt Pohlson:

Matt Pohlson, Omaze

Matt Pohlson, Omaze

  • Matt Pohlson explains how Omaze is an online sweepstakes of unique experiences.
  • Matt's background in cause-content and producing documentaries, and how an encounter with Magic Johnson motivated him and co-founder Ryan Cummins to start Omaze.
  • How Omaze gets access to celebrities, and Matt's early struggles to establish the platform.
  • The biggest lessons Omaze has learned since their first success in 2013. It's all about storytelling!
  • The value Omaze brings to its charity partners: a new audience.
  • Why do people go to Omaze, for the cause or the experience?
  • Joe tries to bribe Matt to win the Game of Thrones experience. No chance!
  • How Omaze worked with HBO to develop Rescue Has to No Boundaries.

Show Notes

Rescue Has No Boundaries

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