Ep:243: Petco's New App That Rewards Cute Pet Selfies with Donations Will Melt Your Heart


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Brock Weatherup, Executive Vice President, Strategic Innovation & Digital Experience, at Petco, about the launch of Heads & Tails, the first iOS app where pet parents can both receive a gift card and donate to help animals in need by simply having fun taking cute pet selfies.

On the show, Brock, Megan and I discuss:

Brock Weatherup, Petco (With his dog Boulder!)

Brock Weatherup, Petco (With his dog Boulder!)

  • You’ve harnessed two of the internet’s favorite pastimes: taking pet selfies and helping a good cause! Tell us about your new Heads & Tails App.
  • How many people “won” the 100 likes and got the donation/gift card?
  • For how long will this promotion continue?
  • What’s the goal in creating an app?
  • How’s do you plan to keep engagement high on the app? 
  • Will you be monetizing the app with ads? Does it need to self-sustaining?
  • How are you getting the word out about the app?
  • What’s the response been to date? What feedback have you received about the app?
  • What lessons have you learned rolling out the app?
  • What role do you see this app playing moving forward for Petco?

Show Notes

Heads & Tails


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