3 Resources to Raise More Money with Products & Services

15 percent of the purchase price of the  Balls of Steels Whiskey Chillers  support testicular cancer cure research.

15 percent of the purchase price of the Balls of Steels Whiskey Chillers support testicular cancer cure research.

Purchase-triggered donations (or percentage of sales fundraisers) is a long name for a simple cause marketing promotion. When shoppers buy a product or service from a business a portion or percentage of the sale is donated to a good cause.

For example, Dunkin Donuts ran a one-day promotion here in Boston that donated $1 from every ice coffee sold to Boston Children's Hospital.

After a charity pinup program, purchase-triggered donations are one of the more lucrative cause marketing fundraisers. So pay attention!

Here are three resources to learn more about purchase-triggered donations.

1. The Definitive Guide to Fundraising with Products & Services

If you only have time to read one post, read this one! It covers:

  • How a fundraiser works
  • Things to pay attention to
  • Committing to transparency
  • 5 great examples of purchase-triggered donations


2. 180+ Examples of Purchase-Triggered Donations on Pinterest

Want to see more examples of purchase-triggered donations? Need some inspiration? I have plenty of examples on Pinterest!


3. The Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing Law

Here's one thing I know for sure about purchase-triggered donations: you need to know the laws that govern them in your state.

This infographic will help. But when in doubt, contact an attorney that specializes in cause marketing law. Of course, my go-to person is Karen Wu at Perlman & Perlman.