Ep129: What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Reboot of the Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket challenge

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Rob Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Development, ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, MA, about the 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge.

ALS TDI is one of 18 ALS-related organizations in the Collaboration for the Cure that are working to coordinate a successful Ice Bucket Challenge this month.

Megan, Rob and I discuss:

Rob Goldstein, ALS TDI

Rob Goldstein, ALS TDI

  • The kick-off of the 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge on July 31st at Fenway Park in Boston.
  • How ALS TDI is behind cutting edge research to help those affected by ALS.
  • Who invented the Ice Bucket Challenge? Rob gives us the definitive answer!
  • The challenge of re-creating a "Perfect Storm" for year two of the challenge.
  • How ALS TDI is addressing concerns about water waste.
  • How companies supported the challenge last year. Will companies - and their matching gifts - be back in August?
  • How nonprofits need to challenge themselves if they ever hope to have their own successful challenge fundraiser. It's about empowering supporters to tap their networks.

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