Ep220: Merrick Pet Care, K9s for Warriors Join Forces to Help Vets

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Pete Brace, Vice President of Pet Parent Relations & Communications for Merrick Pet Care, a leader in natural and organic pet food, about their 3-year partnership with K9s for Warriors. Merrick Pet Care is making a difference in the lives of vets with PTSD!

On the show, Megan, Pete and I discuss:

Pete Brace, Merrick Pet Care

Pete Brace, Merrick Pet Care

  • How Merrick got involved with K9s for Warriors.
  • How Merrick quickly grew the partnership to branded products.
  • How K9s for Warriors helps veterans adjust to civilian life.
  • Why private support is so critical to K9s for Warriors.
  • How service dogs are chosen and paired with veterans.
  • Merrick's release of Hero's Banquet and the success of the product since it went on sale in March.
  • The importance of having a long-term commitment to the cause.
  • The business benefit to Merrick of working with K9s for Warriors.

Show Notes

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Pete Brace on Twitter

K9s for Warriors