The Last Word on the Ice Bucket Challenge

What's the final say on the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC)? Did it achieve all its goals, or did people get all wet for nothing?

Michael Hoffman, Kivi Leroux Miller and I sat down for a Google hangout to hash out the answers. I couldn't have picked two smarter people to discuss the fundraiser.

The Talking Heads 

Michael Hoffman is CEO of See3, a digital agency for do-gooders. Michael is "da man" when it comes to online video for nonprofits. He's also a long-time consultant to nonprofit leaders on online fundraising, advocacy and community engagement strategies.

Michael had the bright idea to bring the three of us together to discuss the IBC. Thanks for including me, Mike!

Kivi Leroux Miller is President of Kivi helps small nonprofits and small communications departments at larger organizations make a big impression with smart, savvy marketing and communications. 

She's also the author of one of my favorite nonprofit titles and most recommended books: Content Marketing for Nonprofits. It's a must read for EVERYONE on your team.

Show Notes

During the hangout, Mike, Kivi and I tackled the following areas.

1:00 - MIke, Kivi, Joe: The Ice Bucket Challenge and Initial Impressions of the Fundraiser.

3:00 - Joe: The Role of "Doing" in the challenge. Do donors want to "act" and then give.

3:30 - Kivi: Did the IBC need Facebook to succeed? Joe: The role of short-video in the success of the challenge.

5:00 - Joe & Kivi: Why individual supporters are in charge and nonprofits and businesses need to learn to lead and to follow.

8:20 - Mike: Why the IBC took off during a "Perfect Storm."

9:28 - Mike, Kivi, Joe: Nonprofits need to embrace new ideas that live outside the organization.

11:25 - Joe: Companies should bypass nonprofits and go straight to individuals. MIke: The role of everyday heroes. 

13:25 - MIke, Kivi, Joe: Will/Should the ALS Association make the IBC an annual fundraiser?

16:30 - MIke, Kivi, Joe: Should other organizations launch their own challenge?

21:30 - Mike: The role of mobile in the IBC and its importance to nonprofit success.

23:00 - Wrap-up and final thoughts on the IBC.

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