Ep211: JetBlue's Cause Marketing Soars with Reading Initiative


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Icema Gibbs, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, for JetBlue Airways, about JetBlue for Good.

The goal of JetBlue for Good is to inspire humanity – both in the air and on the ground. It's focused on giving back in meaningful ways in the communities the airline serves and to inspire others to do the same.

On the show, Megan, Icema and I discuss:

Icema Gibbs, JetBlue

Icema Gibbs, JetBlue

  • How JetBlue for Good got started.
  • JetBlue's signature program, Soar with Reading, that was created six years ago. It's goal is to bring books and reading to poor communities.
  • The innovative approach JetBlue took to delivering books via vending machines.
  • Why JetBlue chose to focus on youth and education.
  • How JetBlue communicates with its employees about their cause initiatives, and rewards them for their efforts.
  • The importance of cause initiatives to younger employees and how it keeps them engaged with the company.
  • How JetBlue engages consumers inflight with their different cause-related programs.
  • Why it's important for businesses to be involved in public/private partnerships.
  • Learn how you can win two roundtrip JetBlue tickets!

Show Notes

JetBlue for Good

JetBlue Corporate Social Responsibility

Win two roundtrip tickets!