Ep255: Radio Stations Worldwide 'Rock the Casbah' for Human Rights

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Dashel Schueler, Associate Director of Development & External Relations, at Seattle public radio station KEXP, about International Clash Day. The day celebrates the music of the English punk rock band The Clash and others as enablers of social consciousness.

On the show, Megan, Dashel and I discuss:

Dashel Schueler, KEXP

Dashel Schueler, KEXP

  • What is International Clash Day is all about and how did it get started at KEXP?
  • Since 2013, you’ve used this day to leverage many partners - many of them nonprofits - how did this grow organically?
  • Can you give us a few examples of the partnerships that have grown from this event?
  • What other activities surround International Clash Day?
  • Has this event become even more important to you and your partners with the current political climate? Have you seen any new supporters as a result?
  • Multiple U.S. cities and countries around the world participate in International Clash Day. Do they all use it for activism?
  • How has International Clash Day boosted KEXP's profile and helped the station grow?

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International Clash Day

Dashel Schueler on Twitter


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