Ep123: How to Do More Good Better

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Steve Scheier, author of a new book Do More Good. Better. Steve is also founder & CEO of Scheier + Group, a consultancy that shows non-profits and social impact companies how to make the most of the people they have so they can better deliver on their mission.

On today's show, Megan, Steve and I discuss:

do more good better
  • How meeting "underutilized" people in the nonprofit field encouraged Steve to explore how nonprofit employees could achieve more.
  • How fear of conflict and rejection keeps nonprofit employees from advocating for themselves. While nonprofit employees are eager to wield power for their clients, they don't want to use it for themselves.
  • How nonprofit employees are "power-avoiders." Nonprofit employees need a process for managing power and making decisions without feeling ashamed.
  • How the power of Decision Clarity - the inventorying and prioritizing of decisions and the advocating and communicating of them - can maximize the talent of nonprofit teams.
  • How cause marketer's can use Steve's system to help colleagues and prospects to understand and make better decisions about cause marketing.

Tune in today to learn how to muster the bravery to ask for what you want, and to help those around us do the same!