Ep247: Emoji Reaction Project Turns Your Facebook 😡 Into Activism


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Dana Stalker and Rachel Frederick, associate creative directors at Droga5, an advertising agency that has developed the Emoji Reaction Project. It's a clever Chrome extension that transforms your negative Facebook emoji reactions into tangible ways to support good causes and fight injustice.

Every time you react with an angry or sad emoji on a post about a particular social or environmental issue, the browser extension prompts you with three options: "Donate," "Do," and "Dial."

On the show, Megan, Dana, Rachel and I discuss:

Rachel Frederick, Droga5

Rachel Frederick, Droga5

Dana Stalker, Droga5

Dana Stalker, Droga5

  • Tell us a bit about Droga5? Is social impact a big part of your work?
  • What was the genesis of the Emoji Reaction Project?
  • Your ‘slacktivist-to-activist’ browser extension gives people the options of “Donate,” “Do” or “Dial." How did you decide on these specific actions.
  • How exactly does the extension work? Does it respond every time you post an angry emoji?
  • Are you preselecting nonprofits to which users can donate? Or is it to any nonprofit?
  • Does one cause area seeming to get more traction than another?
  • What’s been the response so far from users? From nonprofits? From activists?
  • What’s been most surprising to you about the roll out of this initiative? Any challenges?

Show Notes

Emoji Reaction Project


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