3 Resources to Help You Get Started with Donation Boxes

A creative example of a donation box, but will it raise any money?

A creative example of a donation box, but will it raise any money?

There’s nothing sadder than an unloved coin canister. We’ve all seen one of these abandoned canisters, also called donation boxes. Dirty, neglected, and empty, we conclude, “Why would anyone want to use a coin canister for fundraising? What a waste!"

I used to think the same thing until a business partner of mine raised tens of thousands for my nonprofit with coin canisters. Following that success, I did some research on other organizations that had successfully used coin canisters. Some nonprofits have raised millions in quarters, dimes, and nickels.

I'm convince the problem isn't with coin canisters, but with how, when, and where they are used. That's why I've handpicked these three resources to show you when and how donation boxes can work.

Raise More Money From Businesses with Donation Boxes

In this post, I look at the five elements of successful donation box programs.

A lot of nonprofits have written off donation boxes as a lousy way to raise money from businesses. As one nonprofit executive explained to me: "They don't raise a lot of money and they're just kind of a hassle. Coins are heavy!"

I have to agree on the latter. I remember loading so many coins into my trunk I thought my back bumper would scrape the pavement. But I've raised a lot of money from donation boxes. I bet you can too - if you pick the right business and correctly execute the program.


How a Former McDonald's Director Raises $28 Million with Donation Boxes 

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and I talk about coin collection cause marketing with Tim Siffermann, Founder and President of The Siffermann Group.

Think nickels, dimes and quarters are no big deal? Think again! Ronald McDonald House Charities raised $27.9 million in 2012 collecting spare change from diners.

Tim explains how he took donation boxes from a franchisee afterthought to a strategic charitable powerhouse thanks in large part to third-party administration from The Sifferman Group.

If you're a cause marketing geek like Megan and me, you'll love the story of how Tim took the humble donation box to a whole new level.


49 Examples of Donation Box Fundraisers on Pinterest

Need some donation box inspiration? Check out this curated board of 49 examples of donation boxes.

My favorite is this one from Merry Maids. To raise money for the American Heart Association, Merry Maids left customers this house-shaped donation box and asked them to fill it with coins for one month. Thanks to generous homeowners and businesses, Merry Maids raised over $100,000. 

Their success earned them a spot on my list of Best Cause Marketing Promotions of 2013!