Ep200: How Values & Culture Impact CSR Efforts

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Jessica Li, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Kansas, about a new article that explores how corporate social responsibility efforts are perceived by different cultures. These efforts may not be effective for all consumers or in all countries.

On the show, Megan, Jessica and I discuss:

Jessica Li, University of Kansas

Jessica Li, University of Kansas

  • Why Jessica and her team decided to do this research. The team of researchers focused on two "individualistic" cultures and two "collectivistic" cultures.
  • How people had different feelings toward CSR programs executed by domestic and foreign companies.
  • How marketing messages need to differ for individualistic and collectivistic cultures.
  • Tips for U.S. companies that want to engage in CSR activities in foreign markets.
  • The importance of companies having a long-term commitment to a cause regardless of the country or culture. 
  • The need for more research on consumer behavior, especially in collectivistic cultures.
  • Megan and Joe suggest two companies that may be excelling in foreign markets.

Show Notes

Jessica Li at KU School of Business

Does CSR Marketing Work? It Depends Who & Where You Are