Philanthro-tainment Spawns Adver-tainment

Americasnexttopmodel_1I never get the credit for anything.

Just a few weeks ago I unfurled the flag of Philanthro-tainment for all to see for the very first time.  Then last week the Journal published a suspicious article on a "new ad idea" that combines advertising with entertainment.  They call it "Content Wraps".  I call it stealing.

In place of the familiar 30-second ads, some of the commercial breaks will feature a mini-magazine show, called CWH, about the latest in fashion and pop culture....CWH represents a new kind of TV advertisement, one that endeavors to entertain while subtly promoting a product.

Sound familiar?

To add insult to injury, this "new idea" will premier this week on my now former favorite TV show America's Top Model.  The betrayal is especially galling as I was the only person who actually enjoyed and bought Tyra Banks' single Shake Ya Body.

But unlike Philanthro-tainment, the jury is still out on adver-tainment.

'The incremental value that you would get in terms of increased attention to your message will probably be more than offset by the additional cost of the content,' says Rino Scanzoni, chief investment officer for WPP Group PLC's Mediaedge:cia, an ad-buying firm.

The price tag for wraps is too high for small or midsize advertisers, says another media buyer, who added some sponsors might get more value for their money by simply running multiple ads over several broadcast and cable networks.

But regardless of the outcome, I've moved on from Top Model.  I wonder if they're planning any more episodes of My Fair Brady?