Turning (RED) into (GREEN)

Courtesy of Media Daily News:Tree_hugger_2

Al Gore, beseeched a roomful of media buyers and planners to help with what undoubtedly is their greatest cause ever: saving our planet. During a keynote at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference and Trade Show here, the former vice president unveiled plans for a massive advertising collaborative of leading environmental and faith-based organizations to combat global warming, and asked the agency executives to match it "dollar for dollar" with pro bono contributions. "It is the most serious challenge that our civilization will experience," said Gore.

Gore could learn a lot from Bono's (RED) (check out my previous post).  Like Bono, he should partner with a credit card company and retailers to create a "Green" card that incentivizes consumers for buying eco-friendly products and services--hybrid cars, natural lawn fertilizers, biodegradable trash bags, etc.

Heck, if Bono can do it so can Gore.  Can't be more difficult than creating the Internet.

Gore's plan to collect pro bono contributions to do a major media blitz is great, but making people more aware of the problem isn't enough.  He needs to motivate people to change their buying habits, which will affect what companies sell them and how consumerism impacts the environment.

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