The Blog that Launched 100 Posts

Number_100_1 "It will never last," she said.

"What are you talking about?" I replied. "We've been together 19 years." "Not us," my wife said. "Your blog."

That was back in December when I first started My wife knows I don't routinely abandon projects, but there have been a few.

Magazine writing didn't stick. Editors, so demanding. As was that little wired-haired dachshund I brought home. Things would have been different if only I had house-broken her. Oh, and let's not forget the Ph.d program that lasted a semester. Exams, teaching, dissertation. All so I could relocate to New Mexico and make less than a barrista at Starbucks. Adios, amigo.

But I swore blogging would be different. I enjoyed writing short pieces and blog readers prefer frequent, snappy posts. I was already sending emails to friends, colleagues and clients with just the type of tidbits you'd find in a blog on cause marketing. Blogging would just be another way to deliver the content I was already writing.

For once I was right. And my wife was wrong, also for once.

Six months later I've written 100 posts. I know I'm no Dave Barry, but on the whole I'm happy with them. Some of you have said my posts are informative, interesting and clever. Thanks.

But not everyone is a fan. "You are a cancer on this land, a plague of vampires sent to steal from us our vital energies, through guilt." But mom's always saying things like that.

If you're one of the readers who thinks I'm neither divine nor the devil (I prefer to either be loved or feared), I humbly submit a sampling of posts for your reevaluation. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

It's also fine if you don't. Just don't be like some people and get all crabby when you don't get a Mother's Day card.

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  2. A New Patron Saint
  3. The Howard Stern Guide to Cause Marketing
  4. The End of Cause Marketing
  5. Memo to McDonald's: Supersize Your Cause Marketing
  6. Is Corporate Giving Dead or Just Sleeping?
  7. The Power of One
  8. Watered-Down Philanthropy
  9. Would You Let Elmo Sell Your House?
  10. Why I am a Hockey Stick-Toting Celebrity Slut

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