Swedes Go Meatballs for Selfishgiving.com!

Swedish_wayYou've read the posts, but have you ever heard the Selfish Giver's voice?  Well, now's your big chance at Marketing Monger.  I spent about 20 minutes chatting with Marketing Monger's founder, Eric Mattson, about cause marketing, its history and how companies and nonprofits are using it to redefine philanthropy.Snow_bunny

Eric is an American hanging out in Sweden and just took up podcasting.  Judging from today's interview, Mike Wallace better watch out.

I was a bit curious why Eric chose to leave the US for Sweden, but he spoke so wonderfully of the land of snow and meatballs I just might buy a dog sled and move.  Eric suggested I contact his landlady, who he assured me is a kind and nurturing woman. 

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