Small Member Organizations: Take This Survey

This is a guest post from Lori Halley is the blog writer for the Wild Apricot Blog.

Are you a volunteer or staff person managing a small membership organization? Do you wish you had insight into how other groups are managing their organizations?

Everything you always wanted to know about small membership organizations At Wild Apricot, we know that there are many small membership organizations that are solely volunteer-led or run on a skeleton staff. And these volunteers and staff often work in isolation, without the opportunity to network and share information with their peers.

Surveying the small membership community So Wild Apricot is conducting an online survey for insight into the world of small member organizations. For example, we’d like to know:

  • Does size matter? What’s different about small membership organizations?
  • Who is managing these groups and what roles volunteers play?
  • What’s the key challenge small orgs face in building their membership?

Participate in this online survey and share your insight If you are a volunteer or staff of a small membership organization, we hope you’ll take the survey and share this with other volunteers and membership staff too.

Here’s a direct link to the online survey: Small Membership Insight Survey

When you complete the survey, you can register to receive the full survey report.