8 Cause Marketing Predictions for 2008

Ist2_3183756_new_year_20088.  Having coined the term "embedded giving", Lucy Bernholz will compare cause marketing to global warming and claim she invented "philanthropy."   

7.  Former journalist and Cause Marketing Forum prez David Hessekiel will launch FakeBonoBlog.com and assume the identity of the world's most famous cause marketer.  Like its tech counterpart, it becomes an international hit.

6.  Cone staff will (1) realize that blog posts don't have to be boring (2) discover Google images (3) realize that when you announce that you'll have a "new web site soon" you have to eventually launch a new site.

5.  Paul Jones at Cause-Related Marketing will land his first client from blogging.  Wife moves out.

4.  Paul will lose new client to guys at Think Personality.  Wife moves back in.  Think Personality girlfriends move out.  Everyone happy.

3.  Dennis Kucinich will take over as prez of Cause Marketing Forum.  Merges annual CMF conference with UFO convention.  Halo Award nominees are truly out of this world.

2.  Komen, Share Our Strength, St. Jude, Product RED will all stop cause marketing because of Supreme Court ruling on "embedded giving."  Lucy officially changes her name to "Luno" and wages war on cause marketers.  Televised smackdown with Bono delays new U2 album six months.

1.  Selfish Giving will add millions of new followers, thanks to fabulous new content and SEO.  SG restores cause marketing to its glory and uses cyber-muscle to kick Lucy to (where else) 2173 (b.c.).  God bless us everyone.