Trucking Company Cements Ties with Charities

Cause marketing may not be at a "tipping point", but it has reached a "rolling point" thanks to a Mass. based cement company that displays the logos of various charities on its trucks.

Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel Inc., owned by brothers Bob, John, and Steven Tresca, has painted the logos and contact information of charities on the sides of the rotating drums that keep the concrete from solidifying. Now 30 vehicles, nearly half the fleet, bear the designs.

Logos include the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the American Heart Association.  But smaller organizations, like the Buddy Dog Humane Society, which places abandoned animals in homes, are also represented.

Cement_truck_3This is a great example of a company tapping an existing asset to help nonprofits.  The exposure is great for the charity and it's an easy, practical way for a trucking company to give back.  It's certainly more valuable than the token check most companies write.  Tresca will even bring these rolling billboards to events to raise awareness for the charity.

Local charities are not the only ones benefiting from the effort.

Tresca thinks the logos may generate some good will among residents who are bothered by the truck traffic that rumbles around company headquarters.

''No one really likes a lot of trucks going by, because they go slower than most cars," Tresca said. ''Now, people stop just to see what's on the side of the truck."

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