Aim High

ShirtI have good and bad news. First, the bad. Your ancestors probably arrived in Boston by way of enemy territory: New York's Ellis Island. This might explain why you have a soft spot for Derek Jeter and think Alex Rodriguez is really a "nice guy."

At least you're in good company. Forty percent of all Americans passed through Ellis Island.

The main building at Ellis Island was renovated and reopened with much fanfare in the 1990's. But many of the buildings, especially on the south side of the island, are in serious disrepair and closed to the public.

Taking aim at the problem is Arrow, an American apparel company that's been around for over 150 years.

I know Arrow for their quality men's dress shirts. But they're much more than that. They make all kinds of clothes for men, women and children.

And to ensure that generations of families get to fully experience the incredible history at Ellis Island, Arrow donated $500,000 to help restore the Ferry Building, which reopened last spring.

Arrow is also working with Save Ellis Island on a major national campaign to raise awareness and donations for the project. I saw their "Breathe Free" ad on TV the other night and it was great.

Here's the good news: you don't have to buy anything from Arrow to help support Ellis Island. Arrow's made their donation upfront, no strings attached. In my book, that should earn them our thanks and business. Shooting straight and true always hits the mark.