Moving On

After nearly seven years at Boston Medical Center, today is my last day. It's been quite a ride. I could tell you all about my time here, but you can read about it for yourself on this blog, which I started shortly after I arrived at BMC.

Most of my experiences are chronicled under the category Cause Marketer's Journal on the right sidebar.

I have a lot of people to thank for making my years here interesting, productive and successful.

My boss, Norman Stein, showed a lot of courage in starting the cause marketing program here at BMC. He's been an avid supporter for building BMC's brand and finding news ways to raise money. I thank him for the opportunity he gave me, for his confidence and for letting me explore new areas of opportunity, even when the hospital didn't directly benefit from them.

Joanna MacDonald has been my closest friend and colleague here at BMC since 2005. But I've known her since 1998 when we worked together at the Greater Boston Chamber. She's also the co-author of our upcoming book!

Joanna is the yang to my ying! I simply could not have done my job here without her. And everything we did together was made more meaningful because of her. Joanna will be stepping up to lead the cause marketing team and I'll continue my tradition of passing the baton to someone more qualified than I am.

Holt Murray and Jessica Orndorff have also played key roles through the years. In addition to being a wonderful professional and excellent cause marketer, Holt is one of the greatest guys in the world. Jessica has planned numerous events for the team, and I know of no other staff person that has had a more physical or demanding job than she's had. But personally, she's given me so much more as from being the little sister I never had. I'll miss teasing her. But I bet she won't!

I also want to thank the other members of my team that have moved on to other positions through the years, but made my time at BMC enjoyable and rewarding. Andria Silva, Kayla Rogers, Beth Pfeil and Ashley Zolenski.

To the rest of the team in BMC's development office, I have one thing to say. Thank you. You have absolutely been the best people I ever worked with. I'll carry a bit your spirit with me wherever I go.

I also want to thank the many partners I've worked with, especially iParty, Ocean State Job Lot and Finagle-A-Bagel. These three companies have been the backbone of our cause marketing program and have given me many successful campaigns to blog about. Sal, Marc and Laura and everyone that works for their companies are wonderful and giving people.

My next move is to stay in cause marketing and do the things I love: writing, speaking and teaching. I want to write more books, speak at more conferences and teach nonprofits and companies about the wonderful opportunities that cause marketing and social media offer.

Of course, I'll continue writing Selfish Giving, and may even start a new blog.

Thanks to cause marketing and social media, and to all the people I've met that are explorers like I am, I feel like I've found my place in the world.

Thankfully, even though I'm moving on from a job I've had for many years, and will have to build a different life for myself, the love of my family, the strength from my relationships and enthusiasm for my work fill me with hope, warmth and security for the journey ahead.

Home truly is where the heart is.