A 12 Step Program for Lighter Cause Marketing

I'm in Chicago today speaking at the 10th Annual Cause Marketing Forum Conference. My topic? The Lighter Side of Cause Marketing. If you're at the conference, join me!

But if you're like most people and reading this post from your home or offices, here's the thumbnail sketch of my speech and my 12 step program to lighten up!

Step 1: Stop Being So Serious

Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video

Step 2: Seize the Value of Light

Pergo vs. Claws

Step 3: Trust Your Own Sense of Humor

The Hamster

Step 4: Clown Around

Dining in the Dark

Step 5: Stop Acting Like Teresa Giudice

Drunk Valet

Step 6: Act Like a Human Being

Arctic Home Explorer

Step 7: Break a Few Rules

Ricky Gervais, 2012 Golden Globes

Step 8: Stop Exaggerating

No Bleep

Step 9: Point Out Absurdity


Step 10: Know What Makes Others Laugh

Save the Bronx Zoo

Step 11: Poke Fun at Yourself

This Passover You Can Make Miracles

Step 12: Be Funny...Don't Make Fun

2011 Groupon Superbowl Ad