CauseTalk Radio Ep99: The Generation Companies, Nonprofits Can't Live Without: Millennials

Craig Bida

Craig Bida

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to marketing and communication expert Craig Bida about Millennials and the future of social responsibility. 

Millennials are a huge audience - roughly 80 million strong. They - and their commitment to social impact and making the world a better place - can't be ignored. Craig offers some examples of how companies are changing the way they do business to bring about the change on which Millennials are so insistent.

Craig explains how companies need to engage Millennials top-to-bottom in a company, and not just on a carefully orchestrated volunteer day. With social impact taking a hold in many major companies, the key to success with Millennials will be commitment and execution.

Is your company ready? Tune in now!