CauseTalk Radio Ep91: Is Buy-One, Give-One the Future of Cause Marketing?

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Paul Dunn, Chairman of, a Singapore-based company, about a buy-one, give-one model that allows supporters to link their everyday actions and purchase to 900 social projects around the globe.

Paul discusses how 1,300 businesses are currently participating, and have logged over 42 million giving impacts. B1G1 tracks giving and results and real-time so people feel connected with the projects they support.

Paul explains how an upfront membership fee to B1G1 covers expenses and allows 100 percent of donations to go directly to the project. This helps B1G1 put impact first.

Tune in now for an episode that talks about one of cause marketing's most popular tactics - buy-one, give-one - and an organization that is taking it worldwide!